Introductory Self Defense Training

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Three 30-minute Private Karate Lessons for only $40.00

Self Defense Centers offers an Introductory Program of three 30-minute private lessons to discover what real Kenpo Karate and self defense is all about.

The Introductory Program provides a new student with many benefits:

  • First, it gives you an opportunity to see exactly what you’ll be learning from a practical, self-defense standpoint. No large and intimidating group classes. We start you one-on-one with your own Certified Personal Instructor.
  • It gives you a chance to evaluate the quality of our instruction and instructors. All Tracy Instructors adhere to a strict training regimen so you know you’ll always be receiving the highest quality instruction.
  • The Introductory Self Defense Training Program gives you a chance to see what os required physically and time-wise. Many new students think they have to be in exceptional shape in order to learn self defense. Not true; even the most out of shape student, with proper progressive training, can defend themselves against a variety of attacks.
  • The program gives us a chance to get you know you so we can structure a program tailored to your specific needs. All students come to us with differing levels of abilities and the Introductory Program enables us to minimize the negatives while highlighting the positives.
  • Lastly, it gives you the necessary background prior to being approved for advanced training in Kenpo Karate.